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09 010 on arrival
09 010 arrives from Hither Green 30th September 2010Photo © Neil Cannon 2010
09 010 on arrival
09 010 on arrival
09 010 on SDR metals for the first timePhotos © Richard Elliott 2010

Some time ago the South Devon Railway purchased 09 002 (D3666) as one of the first "09"s into preservation however the cost of restoration has proven prohibitive despite the annual mini diesel gala fund raiser known as "Gronk Aid".
Recently some more "09" shunters came up on the tender list so the South Devon Railway decided to use the funds raised to bid for 09 010 as a more cost effective solution and was successful. 09 010 arrived in Devon on 30th September 2010 from Hither green in Kent (the southern home of the A1 Trust's Tornado 60163).
09 010 is believed to be a runner missing only minor components and a decent coat of paint.  The resident diesel groups are due to start restoration of 09 010 in the near future because the South Devon Railway is in need of more powerful shunter with train brakes.

09 002 will be retained for the time being to provide spares and the missing components on 09 010. 09 002 has a good power unit which has been run up a number of times since the locomotive arrived on the railway.

Update 27 February 2011

09010 has now been repaired to working condition though it hasn't strayed beyond the siding it's in yet.

SDDT are now in the process of painting 09010 into a heritage livery for the début later in 2011.

09 010 running
09 010 running in Buckfastleigh shed 27th February 2011Photo © John Keohane 2011

Video of first start up on SDR. (Note: opens in a new window)

D3666 (09002) has now been sold to GB Railfreight who have returned her to service.

09 010 running
09 010 now outshopped as D3721 30th July 2011Photo © John Keohane 2011
D3721 with its 1st passenger train 2011 Aug 15
D3721 with its first passenger working 15 August 2011Photo © GR Bishop 2011
D3721 with its 1st passenger train 2011 Aug 15
D3721 stabling its first passenger train 15 August 2011Photo © GR Bishop 2011

An Appeal

If you have any pictures of 09010 or D3721 in action, like as in this one, then please contact the

We are also looking for the missing trip code lamps because, being a Southern engine, D3721 had 6 on each end.  If you can help then please contact the
Many thanks.

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