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The South Devon Railway is progressing with work on the locomotive and has built a complete set of boiler cladding for 5526 and 5552.  5526 was used as the “Tailor’s dummy” and was recently reunited with its tanks to check all fitted up correctly.  The next major purchase will be the pistons and valves, which once fitted, will virtually complete the chassis.
These pictures certainly give us a glimpse of what's waiting for us around the corner and underlines why the South Devon Railway had to grasp the opportunity to purchase the line.  Life without the workshop would be impossible and further progress would have been hindered.

Photographs Courtesy of Richard Bentley

Update: November 2002
Work has progressed slowly this year following the slight set back when the new boiler tubes were found to be too short for the finished boiler!  All has not been lost because they have been shorterned further and fitted to 1369.

The other "big" item is the fabrication of a new safety valve bonnet by the SDR workshop weekday staff.

Final safety valve bonnet - for full story follow this link

Update March 2003

Work is progressing well and the boiler is due to have its offical hydraulic test soon.
As can be seen from the photograph it's now looking complete.
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