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New Tanks II

In July 2000 work was in hand on three locomotives at the Buckfastleigh Works.

In the foreground of the picture taken on 13th July is 4575 Class 2-6-2T No. 5526. The workshop staff have constructed a new set of side tanks (photo 8th October 2000) for the engine which can be seen above (subject to workload South Devon Railway Engineering will consider accepting orders to build tanks for other 4575 locos). In 2001 the chassis was largely completed. The main outstanding items were valves and pistons which were yet to be ordered. The cylinders and valve chests had been rebored at Buckfastleigh. The motion was largely ready and awaited grinding of a new set of expansion links after which final assembly took place. The bunker and cab were already rebuilt. The boiler was also largely complete. Copper piping runs were manufactured and all fittings were already on hand. The ‘Prairie’ was eagerly awaited in traffic as these are such capable engines for a branch line such like the SDR.
    At the far end of the workshop pannier tank 5786 patiently awaits the return of its boiler from Roger Pridham’s works at Lamerton. The chassis is largely complete having been rebuilt at Buckfastleigh by the weekend volunteer force. New pannier tanks and bunker have been made and a new smokebox fabricated at Buckfastleigh.
    In the background is 2-8-0 No.3803 which returned from Tyseley in 1999 having been the subject of a contract repair during the latter half of the 1980’s. Work continued by the weekend gang after 5786 was completed. In 2000 some work had already been done on the boiler with all the old tubes and flue tubes being removed. The chassis was well advanced as a result of the work carried out at Tyseley. The tender was in running order having been paired with 7820 on the West Somerset Railway whilst that engine’s own tender was still being completed.
    The carriage in the picture is the former GWR Dynamometer Car W7W.

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