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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY ASSOCIATION Photograph Archive #1a - Totnes Littlehempston

Totnes Littlehempston - once known as Totnes Riverside or Littlehempston Riverside.

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Gavin Bishop guides the lower pipe section onto the bolts as Peter Clemo works the hoist for the
Water Crane at Totnes Littlehempston Station.  10th April 1996.  Photo: Les Hawkins. (B133)

Still some way to go at Totnes Littlehempston. No platform bricks, second track or lamp tops yet.  Date ?  Photo: ?

David Kelland tackles the long grass.  Date 1997?  Photo: ? (B139)

There's still work to be done, even though the passenger trains have started running again.  Date 2003?  Photo: ?

One of a pair of CCT Ferry Vans based at Totnes Littlehempston.  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland
Assembling Water Crane Littlehempston Platform Dave Kelland 1369 rolls in CCT Ferry Van

The footpath is coming along......  Date 1993?  Photo: Alan Taylor

The newly named Virgin Totnes Castle 47786 in platform 2 at Totnes Littlehempston.  3rd. May 1997.  Photo: Paul Hope.

The newly named Totnes Castle in No.2 platform Totnes Littlehempston.  3rd May 1997.  Photo: John Keohane

Class 47 Roy Castle OBE had brought class mate 47786 into Totnes for naming as Totnes Castle,
as part of the SDR 125 celebrations.  2nd May 1997.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Another delivery of platform bricks for Totnes.
Note the absence of track in platform 2.  Date ? Photo: Mark Ireland
New Path Class 47 47786 "Totnes Castle" Class 47 "Roy Castle OBE" New bay platform

Allan Cash (Driver) has just fitted the lamp to the front of 3803 at Totnes Littlehempston.  Date 2007?  Photo: David Kelland

Totnes Riverside DMU to Buckfastleigh.  22nd October 1994.  Photo: Nigel Hunt

Last minute work in the distance at Totnes Littlehempston Station.  19th March 1995.  Photo: David Kelland.

Chris Stokes chases off an invasion of cows.  Date: 1989.  Photo: ? (B111)

Extending the line into platform 2.  Date: 1997?  Photo: ?
3803 in platform DMU 1994 Littlehempston Platform Clearing cows! New track into bay

Checking the earthworks for platform 2. Tony Gist, Alan Tyrie and Mike Creasey.  Date: 28th August 1996.
Photo: Rev. David Hardy

Clearing the ground for platform 2 and the siding. Alan Tyrie, Mike Creasey and Tony Gist,
with Chris Pengelley in the JCB. Date: 28th August 1996.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy

Littlehempston platform 2 and siding preparations. 30th August 1996. Photo: Mark Ireland

Digging out the Littlehempston siding, looking towards the river. Date 1996. Photo: Mark Ireland. (B134)

Preparing the ground for track in Platform 2 at Totnes.  28th August 1996.  Photo: Rev David Hardy
Building the new bay platform at Littlehempston

Gavin Bishop and Richard Elliott inspect the Toilet Block sections being built off-site at
Kingdom's, Honiton, on 11th June 1993.  Photo: Les Hawkins.

The newly built, erected and painted Toilet Block at Totnes Riverside.  Circa 1994.  Photo: Les Hawkins ?

'Spot the bum'. Jim Kelly, Mike Thompson, Alan Tyrie - Remove the ballast after relaying the
platform 1 road at Littlehempson Feb 1993.  Photo: ?

Gavin Bishop works away whilst John Keohane takes another break, at Littlehempston station.
11th June 1993.  Photo: Les Hawkins

The volunteers take a break. Note the brick building behind the Wickham Trolley - this was
probably Ashburton Junction box.  3rd December 1983.  Photo: Les Hawkins
Toilet Block Kit 1993 New Toilet Block Clearing the platform Installing the fence Digging the foundations 1983

Gordon Hall and Terry Hodgson in the foreground. Les Wright in the background.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

A new sign to catch the eye of those passengers on the mainline trains.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

A freshly painted sign, flower baskets and an alarm bell!  Autumn 1997.  Photo: ?

Mark Ireland and his robust coal bunker.  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland

Mark Ireland building the Littlehempston coal bunker.  Autumn 1997.  Photo: ?
Cutting Back Running In Board Station Sign Littlehempston Coal Bunker

Are we still allowed to advertise tobacco?  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

An enamel sign waiting to be put up for display for the Summer.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

Signs from yesteryear. James Mackenzie Thorpe, Allan Lovegrove, Mike Webb and
Chris Mackenzie Thorpe.  Date: 1998 ?  Photo: David Kelland

We've seen these members of the Totnes gang before somewhere....  Date: 1998?  Photo: David Kelland

47806 opens up for Dainton bank, passing Totnes Littlehempston
on a Penzance - Manchester.  12th July 1997.  Photo: Graham Crow
Enamel advertising signs 47806 Climbs Dainton

SDRA engine 1369 enters Totnes Littlehempston. Note the BR Mark 2 coach
behind the engine which was used as the Buffet.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

Can I drive it mister?  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

It must be Spring, as 1369 arrives at Totnes with a goods train.  Date: ?  Photo: David Kelland

Visiting Large Prairie 4160 arrives at Totnes.  Date: Summer 2006.  Photo: David Kelland

An interesting shot through the Ground Frame levers, of the Ashburton Junction
Signal Box being assembled.  Date: 2005 ?  Photo: David Kelland.
1369 with MkII coach “Can I have a go ?” 1369 with goods train 4160 from Signalbox Ashburton Junction 'Box

The hanging baskets are up and the paint pot is out.  Date: 1997?  Photo: Julian Crow ?

Another shot of the flower baskets, and the can of paint.  Date: 1997?  Photo Julian Crow?

Time for ground maintenance. The path has still to receive a coat of tarmacam.  Autumn 1997.  Photo: ?

Geoff and Ken Howells see the train out from the platform at Totnes.  Date: ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

Getting there! The ex Cradley Heath (and Birmingham Railway Museum) Signal Box,
now at Totnes Littlehempston.  Date: Summer 2007.  Photo: David Kelland. (B178)
Hanging Baskets
(and a pot of paint!)
Footpath Dispatching a Train Ashburton Junction Signalbox

Parts for the Loading Gauge being laid out prior to erection at Totnes.
19th March 1995.  Photo: David Kelland

Parts for the Loading Gauge being laid out prior to erection at Totnes.
19th March 1995.  Photo: David Kelland

Mike Webb and ? examine the trackwork for platform two and siding.
Date: 22nd March 1997.  Photo: Dave Kelland

Laying the next line of platform bricks - Mark Ireland, Mark Ekert?, and Les Wright.  Date 1996?  Photo: ?

Getting ready for the new season at Totnes.  Date: 19th March 1995.  Photo: Dave Kelland?
A GWR Loading gauge awaiting assembly New lead for bay platform Laying the new diamond brick paviours Totnes buildings from track level

If you are interested in any of the pictures above or can help us fill in the blanks such as date or photographer then please stating the picture description and location in the page (row and column).  Many thanks.

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