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D7535 arrives on the SDR by road 12th October 2018Photo © JBrodribb 2016

A quick history of locomotive D7535:
6-3-1965 New to Nottingham Division D16
7-1969 Transferred from D16 to London Division ( Western Lines) D01
5-1970 Transferred from D01 to Birmingham Division D02
7-1970 Transferred from D02 to London Division (Western Lines) D01
9-1971 In Derby work till December
12-1971 Transferred from D01 to Birmingham Division D02
5-1973 Divisions ended, D02 became BS Bescot, Birmingham
6-1973 In Derby works until July
7-1973 Transferred from BS to WN Willesden
10-1974 Transferred from WN to TO Toton
3-1975 Transferred from TO to WN Willesden
6-1975 Transferred from WN to CW Cricklewood
1-1976 Transferred from CW to LO Longsight
10-1976 Transferred from LO to CD Crewe
5-1977 Transferred from CD to KD Carlisle Kingmoor
2-1978 In Derby works, dual brake fitted
18-3-1978 Worked with 45108 on 12.07 Derby to St.Pancras as far as Leicester running-in turn
9-2-1981 Arrived Wigan Springs Branch 18.00 out of service C exam Transferred from KD to SP Wigan Springs Branch February Stored u/s at Toton for a short time
10-1982 Transferred from SP to CD Crewe
8-12-1983 Worked 1V10 06.20 Wolverhampton to Paddington taking over from 25191 & failed 47459 at Banbury
17-12-1983 Arrived Toton TMD 15.10 on 0Z00
19-10-1984 Out of service 01.XX
5-11-1984 To Be Scrapped 16.00 When at Toton it was used a an apprentice training locomotive
Moved under its own power Toton Depot
13-02-1986 00.40 0Z00 Toton TMD to Saltley SP 02.10
02.55 0V00 Saltley SP to Gloucester SD 03.55
03.55 0F74 Gloucester SD to Bristol Bath Road TMD 04.45
14-02-198604.30 0F00 Bristol Bath Road TMD to Paignton 07.00
12-10-2018 Transfer by road from PDSR to SDR

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