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D7612 Class 25 Diesel
D7612 on a private charter in 2000
D7612 in the sunshine at Totnes Littlehempston during “Everything Goes”
Class 25 (325 in class)
Type   2
Maker   British Rail at Derby, Darlington and Crewe also Beyer Peacock
Introduced from   1959
Original Numbers   D5151-5299,7500-7677
New numbers   25001-325
Engine   Sulzer 6LDA28-B
Engine bhp   1,250hp at 750rpm
Transmission   Four AEI 253AY nose suspended traction motors
Maximum current   2340 amps
Maximum tractive effort   45,000lb
Minimum curve   4½ chains
Route availability   RA5
Max speed on B.R.   75/90 mph
Driving wheel diameter   3ft 9in
Gear ratio   67:18
Fuel capacity   630 gal
Coolant water capacity   187 gals
Lubricating oil capacity   100 gals
Weight in working order   70-74 tons 

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