South Devon Railway
'Wagons Roll !'

In line with its policy of developing a representative collection of Great  Western rolling stock the Railway has taken delivery today (20th September 1999) of two Great Western 5-plank open wagons that had become surplus to requirements on the  West Somerset Railway. The two wagons are numbered 108207 and 63078.

The South Devon Railway has amassed a reasonable collection of wagons since  it took over the line from Dart Valley in 1991 but those of Great Western  ancestry have always been outnumbered by the many BR vintage wagons. At  least now the SDR will be  better able to provide a  genuine Great Western freight train for demonstration purposes on Gala days and for photographers' charters as the two open wagons only require a modicum of new planking and a coat of paint to make them ready for service.

 Post Script
GW 63078 is actually its Port of Bristol Authority running number.


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