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Gallery by Tim Symons 2012
Easter GalaJubilee Gala

Easter Gala 2012
80072 Staverton Down
80072 approaching Staverton from Totnes©Tim Symons
80072 goods Staverton
80072 approaches Staverton with a goods train©Tim Symons
D8110 Bishops Bridge Down
D8110 leaves Bishops Bridge for Buckfastleigh©Tim Symons
78019 milk Stretchford Down
78019 approaches Caddaford curve with an early morning milk train©Tim Symons
3205 nr Staverton Down
3205 near Riverford headed for Buckfastleigh©Tim Symons
1369 nr Staverton
1369 approaches Staverton from Totnes©Tim Symons
1369 Milk Bishops Bridge
1369 with a Milk train rests in the loop at Bishops Bridge©Tim Symons
80072 78019 Stretchford Down
80072 & 78019 near Stretchford double head the 15.37 back to Buckfastleigh ©Tim Symons

Jubilee Gala 2012
5542 Caddaford
Recently outshopped GWR small “Prairie” 2-6-2T 5542 on Caddaford curve©Tim Symons
1369 PWay Train
Former GWR 0-6-0T pannier tank 1369 at Staverton with a Pway train.©Tim Symons
BR Std 2 78019 Bishop’s Bridge
BR standard 2 “Mogul” 78019 departs the Bishop’s Bridge loop for Buckfastleigh.©Tim Symons
1369 passenger train
1369 with a passenger train.©Tim Symons
3205 PWay train
3205 approches Napper’s crossing with the PWay train.©Tim Symons
BR Std 2 78019 Buckfastleigh
BR Standard 2 “Mogul” 2-6-0 78019 returns to Buckfastleigh.©Tim Symons
Please note some of these photographs were taken in non public areas with
special permission of the General Manager and the posession of a PTS and photographic permit.

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