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Thomas the Tank Engine5786 in red for LT150

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 2013
Thomas after taking water at Buckfastleigh (Photo © John Brodribb)
Thomas’ are topped up from a (leaky) bucket. (Photo © John Brodribb)
Thomas gets a wash (Photo © John Brodribb)
The driver goes “fishing” in Thomas’ water tank... (Photo © John Brodribb)
Thomas and crew (L-R Mark Ireland, Giles Gilbert, Toby Roberts & Alan Mitchelmore) (Photo © John Brodribb)
The Imagination Station (Photo © John Brodribb)
Diesel 10 (aka 33 002 “Seaking”) at Buckfastleigh (Photo © John Brodribb)
Julian (aka 3205) at Buckfastleigh (Photo © John Brodribb)
“Winding up” Thomas (Photo © John Brodribb)

5786 in red as L.92 for London Transport 150
5786 as L.92
Former GWR 0-6-0PT 5786 in its London Transport huise as L.92 (Photo © John Brodribb)
5786 as L.92
Ben Greening and Andy Letts, of the Worcester Locomotive Society, on the Society’s locomotive (Photo © John Brodribb)
Please note that whilst these pictures have been taken from the platform, where photographs are to be taken in non public areas
special permission of the General Manager and the posession of a PTS and photographic permit are required.

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