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Loco1369 overhaul under way
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With the water still warm in the locomotive's boiler, the overhaul of 0-6-0PT 1369 has been started!
The engine was taken out of traffic on Sunday 20th November at the end of the days permanent way work having provided the motive power for the works train.  The engine was run up to the far end of the main workshops where dismantling started the next morning. It is intended to let the boiler repair contract shortly. The rest of the overhaul will be undertaken in house. Whilst the boiler ticket still had a month or so to run there is little point in delaying the start of the work with the winter closedown period meaning no work and the boiler repair needing to be progressed as soon as possible.

The engine has proved a remarkable workhorse for the South Devon Railway. When you look at the size of the engine without its side tanks you can understand the reaction  of some members that it wouldn't stand an earthly of running the service! Over the years it has amazed everyone with the ease at which it copes. 56 miles with four or five carriages has been the usual days work. The amount of coal and water consumed have remained low right through its ten year ticket.

She went in traffic on 4th February 1996 when she ran her first tentative trip to Staverton after an overhaul started in the 1970's!
Total mileage for the South Devon Railway has amounted to 22,766, with a further 1200 miles run on visits to other railways. The 'quietest' year was 1996 with only 1206 miles over 39 days and the busiest year 2001 with 3404 miles over 77 days. 2005 saw it in use on 56 days for 2663 miles.  Total days in use from 4th Feb 1996 to 20th November 2005 - 520 days.

1369 has proved to be a popular roving ambassador for the SDR with hirings to the following heritage lines - Bodmin & Wenford (3 times), Dean Forest, Bristol Harbour, Chinnor & Princes Risborough (twice), Didcot, West Somerset (twice), Gwili, Middleton Railway and, most recently, Severn Valley.

During this time she has suffered no serious breakdowns, in fact apart from a couple of fractured springs which didn't cause her to grind to a halt, an initial glitch with the felt pads in the axle boxes and paint coming off the insides of the side tanks blocking the feed water sieves to the injectors and clogging the injectors themselves, the engine has proved virtually 100% reliable. All the crews that have worked with her have expressed delight at the easy job she has given them. In fact the General Manager has even been heard to remark that a couple more would be just the ticket to keep the coal bill down!

Not surprising then that the intention is to return her to traffic as soon as possible. This will probably depend on how fast the boiler can be turned around. Whilst this had a new barrel last time round plus a new front tubeplate, the outer firebox is now suffering from 'grooving' around the foundation ring which will entail cropping off the bottom few inches for replacement. She will return to traffic wearing Great Western green livery.

 Front Cover of the SDR book on 1369
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1369 on duty at Staverton with BG 276
Last duty1369 shunts milk tanks on 20th November.
1369 on a PWay / S&T Train in Staverton Loop 2005.
1369 on North Crossing 28th November 2005

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