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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Builds a 1940’s Garden at Buckfastleigh Station
Wartime Garden at Buckfastleigh
Wartime Garden at BuckfastleighPhoto © John Brodribb 2013

Concern has been expressed for some time about the facilities for South Devon Railway staff in the White House (Saunders House), at Buckfastleigh, which houses the administrative offices of the SDR. Mindful of this, local sanitary engineer Dennis Taylor has been appointed to plan, design, build and install new sanitary facilities, and the photos show this work in progress today, 21 August. Located immediately opposite the main door to the White House, the new facility will feature state-of-the-art earth-based disposal technology. Dennis Taylor said today: "I need to find a suitable template so that I can mark out the new sitting apparatus and draw the appropriate size of aperture onto it. I really need to borrow a bowler hat - they are the ideal size for the purpose".

The new installation is expected to be finished directly, and for added convenience has been located right next to the station's Anderson shelter, where Dennis is seen snoozing after his exertions earlier in the day.

Wartime Garden at Buckfastleigh
Wartime Garden at Buckfastleigh Wartime Garden at Buckfastleigh
New facilities for “Saunders House” BuckfastleighPhoto © John Brodribb 2013

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