South Devon Railway
Buckfastleigh Development
2008 May
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Buckfastleigh Developments
North Crossing after relaying with concrete sleepers
SDR Tamper in action on North Crossing
SDR Tamper
Old chainlink fence removed from beside Loco running shed
New sleeper wall to retain coal in yard

One panel of track at North Crossing has had its concrete broken out and the ballast dug away so as to enable re-sleepering where the old wooden timbers had allowed the track to become slightly wide to gauge. The photos show the rails in their new concrete sleeper mounted chairs, and the tamper at work on each bed in turn.

The track will have a temporary wooden deck put on for the bank holiday weekend and then a new concrete crossing will be put in place next week.

The last two photos show work in progress replacing the old chain link fence around the loco coal yard with a new one made from steel uprights and scrap concrete sleepers as infills.

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