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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY 2011 starts off well

Today, 20th February, marked the real start of the 2011 season and the SDR's 20th anniversary year -- I'm pleased to say the mixed weather brought out quite a lot of people to enjoy the ride on our auto train down the branch which looked at its scenic Spring best with snowdrops in abundance and primroses about to burst into bloom soon.

Whilst we were down slightly on the 2010 figure of 214 on Feb 14 last year (maybe something to do with it being Valentine's Day?), we carried a very respectable 183 passengers.

The shop and café also did quite well with steady busness all day.

The hot drinks trolley on the train was well received.

So, following the winter track work, it is good to have revenue earning trains back at last and the prospect of a good week to come if the changeable weather does not drive people home early.

Dick Wood, General Manager

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