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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Buckfastleigh Development 2016

SDR wins £72,000 grant from Viridor Credits for new carriage shed.
An architect’s impression of the new shedPhoto © SDRT 2016

Buckfastleigh Site Development Update November 2016
Since being offered a grant by Viridor Credits and the Landfill Communities Fund the plans for the Heritage Rolling Stock Conservation Centre are now well advanced and a full planning application has been submitted. This is the new building that we want to construct over the headshunt and loop spur at the north end of the site beyond the north crossing access to the workshop. It will provide a weather shelter for up to eight carriages which will significantly reduce the deterioration of the fleet.

The illustration is an architect’s impression and the cladding on the final structure is most likely to be finished in a mid to dark brown colour. The roof ventilation may also be modified depending on the cost estimates requested from local contractors.

Original press release...
A great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes to progress the SDR’s Buckfastleigh site development. There have been a number of technical difficulties in agreeing precisely where new sidings can be installed and, until these were resolved, it was impossible to make any firm decisions on building locations.

The range and type of facilities which are needed was clear from all the discussions and communication meetings held over the last ten years, viz: a purpose built Carriage & Wagon workshop, covered carriage accommodation and a new running shed.

Earlier this year, the SDR was made aware of an opportunity to obtain a grant towards the cost of a building which had to be submitted by the end of March or it would be lost. With the track layout problems still unresolved this gave the railway a dilemma: was there a building that could be constructed that would not be affected if the track positions changed?

The SDR came up with the idea of building covered accommodation over the headshunt and loop spur at the North end of the site parallel to the A38 “Expressway” embankment. A very basic design could be drawn up quickly, construction quotes obtained and, importantly, there could be sufficient tolerance provided to accommodate limited changes to track positions in this area.

The overall project was given the title ‘Heritage Rolling Stock Conservation Centre’ and the railway was successful in a bid for a sizeable grant from Viridor Credits and the Landfill Communities Fund to the value of £72,356, which will cover just under half the estimated building cost of £157,000.

A large part of the balance of the funds required is coming from the South Devon Railway Association (SDRA) who agreed to provide extremely valuable ‘match funding’ support for the project worth £55,000. Without the promise of this much appreciated SDRA support, it is unlikely that the grant bid to Viridor Credits would have succeeded. The balance of £30,000 will be met from the proceeds of the recent turntable sale by the Trust and from revenue funding.

This will be an important and long overdue facility for the South Devon Railway to protect valuable coaching stock from the elements.

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