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2017 Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool Fund Raiser
The Brake Van to be drawn along the track Photo © SDRA

On Saturday 11th March the South Devon Railway are again hosting a fund raising event for the Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool.

This will take the format of a brake van pull.

The South Devon Railway have supported Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool fund raising for the last couple of years using the pump trolley but it needs serious attention to its ancient gears.

The plan, this year, is that contestants pull the British Railways 20 ton brake van along the platform for a fixed distance towards Ashburton with a prize for the fastest team.

GWR 0-6-0PT 1369 has been added to the event as a bit of set dressing and possibly to re-position the brake van before each attempt.

Teams of 4 will attempt this.
It is anticipated that 20 – 25 teams will take part involving all areas of the local community including the fire service, loco rugby teams etc.

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