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14th to 17th April 2017
GWR small prairie 2-6-2T 5542 at Caddaford 16 April 2014Photo © TSymons 2014

From Friday 14th to Monday 17th April 2017 there’ll be steam and diesel trains all day, a regular passenger train service, occasional goods trains, heritage vehicles & vintage buses, and an Easter egg hunt.

As well as an enhanced passenger train service, we will also be running goods trains, showing the way that the railways were once the prime movers of freight traffic all around the country, and every country branch line, and most stations, had a goods shed and sidings where goods traffic was received and despatched.

Locomotives expected to be in service are: GWR 0-6-0PT 1369 and visiting GWR 2-6-2T 5542.
GWR 0-6-0 “2251 class” 3205 will be on display in the yard at Buckfastleigh.

To complement the trains, there will be a selection of vintage cars and motor bikes on display in our gardens at Buckfastleigh station.

Our red London Routemaster bus will also be running around Buckfastleigh and Ashburton – please note Ashburton East Street is closed due to roadworks until 14th June 2017 so the ’bus will turn at Peartree whilst these are on–going

And for younger visitors, there’ll be Easter Egg Hunt. At Staverton station, the mid point of the railway, the platform buffet coach will be open serving hot drinks, cakes and snacks too, and a children’s book shop will operate at Totnes.

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