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4160 Pulls its First Train on the 
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As part of its initial running in 4160 pulled its first train today when it headed the 12.15pm Buckfasteligh to Totnes service. Earlier in the day it had completed a trouble free return trip light engine from Buckfastleigh to Totnes and back. It then double headed the 10.45pm service with the rostered locomotive 5526 coupled inside. After another trouble free run to Totnes and back it was decided that the engine would run the 12.15pm train on its own.

The locomotive will be doing some more running in turns later in the month with the intention being to run it on 18th August, 20th to 25th August and over the August Bank Holiday 50's/60's event on 27th/28th August. The engine has possibly two bookings at other railway galas during September but, in the absence of 3803 whilst it awaits the return of it rear wheelset from Ian Riley's works in Bury, the SDR would like to use 4160 in its place in the roster.

4160 after arriving light engine at Totnes this morning - the first time a 41xx has worked over the branch.
(Photo A Matthews)
 At Staverton on the return light engine working 
(Photo A Matthews)
After doubleheaded small prairie's at Easter,  today it was "Little and Large". 4160 pilots 5526 
away from Buckfastleigh with the 10.45 service to Totnes. The first ever passenger run over the line by a 
member of the class.    (Photo R J Elliott)
Having proved herself on the 10.45 service, 4160 was given the chance to haul the 12.15 to Totnes and 13.00 return.
(Photo R J Elliott)
The 12.15 is seen again at Bishops Bridge loop just outside Staverton on the journey to Totnes. 
(Photo A Matthews)

For the full story of the Overhaul of 4160 under contract at the Buckfastleigh works of the South Devon Railway have a look at the following page which contains all the links.


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