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'5526 has busy start to winter'

5526's busy month and a taste of things to come!
With most of the South Devon Railway fleet winterised for the cold months, 5526 has been the engine running all the winter services. In addition to the usual Santa Trains it has found itself running the Dart Vale Rotary Santa trains, a photo charter for Pete Doel, the annual 'Carols Down the Line evenings and even a works train. The works train was run using 5526 rather than a diesel really just because it seemed a nice idea and the engine was hot from the previous days Santa trains and was needed on the evening Carol train. Whilst running the works train the opportunity was taken to pair the engine with the line's two carmine and cream auto trailers . 228 was outshopped last year in this livery and 225 came out of the carriage and wagon shops just days ago in matching livery. 5526 is not currently auto fitted but it is intended to change all that for next season!
5526 near Totnes with the works train unloading concrete sleepers AM
5526 prepares to head out of Buckfastleigh with Pete Doel's photo charter RJE
5526 at Staverton loop with carmine and cream auto trailers 225 & 228 AM

Photographs: RJE - Richard Elliott 2006
                     AM - Andy Matthews 2006


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