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LNER A4 “Union of South Africa” 60009 in
60009 in the SDRE main workshopPhoto © GRBishop 2015

Former LNER A4 “Union of South Africa” 60009 is a surprise visitor to the SDRE Workshop where it is in for investigation of a problem that developed on Sunday 16th August 2015.
The locomotive made the journey to the SDR by rail; arriving at Totnes mainline where it ran round its support coach before entering the branch – this is probably the first time a locomotive has run round its train at Totnes since the Dart Valley ceased running into the station over twenty years ago.

60009 arrives at Totnes mainline and then comes onto the Ashburton BranchPhoto © JKeohane 2015
60009 arrives at BuckfastleighPhoto © JBrodribb 2015
Former Kings Cross shedmaster Peter Townend talks to SDRE’s Richard ElliottPhoto © JBrodribb 2015
The centre driving axle has been dropped out and is in seen front of the locoPhoto © JBrodribb 2015

Update: 23 August 2015
South Devon Railway Engineering have assisted the support crew and the staff from Crewe heritage in removing the driving wheelset that ran hot at Newton abbot. The axle box has returned to Crewe heritage for assessment and SDRE will assist in reassembly so that the loco can be returned for service as soon as possible.

Update: 03 September 2015
At 19.04¾ 60009 “Union of South Africa” left the SDR for its return to Crewe.  It travelled down the Great Western main line to Plymouth where it used the Laira triangle to turn round and then headed back up to Bristol passing through Totnes again at 21.32.

60009 standing at E296 waiting for the roadPhoto © ALTaylor 2015

Update: 13 September 2015
To conclude this story, on Wednesday 09th September 2015, 60009 “Union of South Africa” successfully hauled the opening train on the “Borders Railway” with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on board. This also marked Her Majesty’s reign as the longest for a British monarch.

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