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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Autocoach 228 Restoration
  Update: 19 February 2014  
BR(W) Autocoach W228 undergoing repairs at BuckfastleighPhoto © J Brodribb 2013

BR(W) built autocoach has been in A shop for attention to rusting on the underframe, and is also being retyred. The photos show the coach up in the air outside the boiler shop with one bogie run out, new steel brackets that have been welded in, and a volunteer gang undertaking the retyring.

South Devon Railway Engineering fit new tyres - (L-R) Connor Brodie, Rob le Chevalier, Keith Innes and Wayne Brodie.
Photos © R LeChevalier 2013
One of the replacement gusset plates welded into placePhoto © J Brodribb 2013

Update: 19th February 2014

Work is progressing on W228 with the remaining wheelsets being retyred and the axleboxes refurbished in readiness for rebuilding the bogie.

A pair of recently retyred wheelsets ready for installation in the bogie
The fully restored axleboxesW228 on stands waiting the refurbished bogie
Photo © J Brodribb 2013

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