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BR(W) Autocoach W233 Arrives on the
Former BR(W) Autocoach W233 arrives at BuckfastleighPhoto © John Brodribb 2013
The mechanism to deploy the side stepsPhoto © John Brodribb 2013
Jennie and Mike Dunse carry out preliminary jobs
including freeing the main passenger doors
Photo © John Brodribb 2013

Auto coach W233 has been bought by the 5542 Society and arrived at Buckfastleigh on Monday 22 July on the low loader that took 3803 away the following day. It came from the BR Derby Research Centre via the Midland Railway Centre, and although it has had several modifications for its former use as a test vehicle it is in generally good condition, with many of its original features still in place. The steps work on both sides. Modifications include new bogies - they look like B4s - dual braking, removal of the original seating, and a change of buffers. The intention of the 5542 Society is to make it suitable for carrying passengers again, so that it can earn revenue for them: it will be based at the South Devon Railway. Work had already started on Wednesday 24 July, when 5542 Society members Jennie and Mike Dunse carried out preliminary jobs including freeing the main passenger doors and checking operation of the steps.

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