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BR 4MT 80072 arrives on SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY
BR 4MT 80072
BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80072 arrives safely at BuckfastleighPhoto © GRB 2012
BR 4MT 80072
Colin Harmes, driving D3721, concentrates as 80072 is carefully off loaded.Photo © GRB 2012

The first of our hire engines has arrived at Buckfastleigh in time for our Easter Gala.
BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80072 arrived late afternoon on 27 March 2012 and was offloaded from the transporter using our “09” shunter D3721.

Driver Colin Harmes reprised his past today for when at Hither Green, South London, on the Southern Region in 1969 he also drove D3721.

Update: 03rd April 2012
BR 4MT 80072
BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80072 is prepared to leave Buckfastleigh for TotnesPhoto © MMitchelmore 2012
BR std 4 80072
BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80072 arrives at Staverton on its way back to BuckfastleighPhoto © RBudd 2012
BR std 2 78019
BR Std 2 78019 on John Antel’s trailer at Buckfastleigh.Photo © MMitchelmore 2012
BR std 2 78019
BR Std 2 78019’s tender arrives at Buckfastleigh.Photo © MMitchelmore 2012

Today (03 April 2012) the second of our visiting BR standard class locomotives, a standard 2 number 78019, was delivered by P.H. Antel & Sons Limited whilst the tender was delivered by K.W.S. Cook.
BR Standard 4MT 80072 was taken for a trial run up the line to Totnes and back.

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