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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Buckfastleigh Toilet Block
Update: 12 January 2014 Update: 15 January 2014 Update: 23 January 2014
Update: 25 January 2014 Update: 11 February 2014 Update: 02 March 2014
Update: 30 March 2014 Update: 11 April 2014 Update: 18 April 2014
Proposed new toilet block at BuckfastleighDrawing © 2014

It’s all happening at Buckfastleigh! As promised, work has started on demolition of the toilet block at Buckfastleigh station, with contractors moving on site today (Monday 06 January 2014) to start the job. Electricity had been disconnected last week.

Alan Taylor, SDR Trust chairman, has commented: “I have never liked the platform toilets at Buckfastleigh which we inherited when we acquired the line. They were a hurried construction by the old DVR to provide a quick solution to the lack of facilities at a station that in the late 60s was coping with many more people than it had been designed to do. They were well past their sell by date so I am delighted that they are now reduced to rubble and shortly a brand new block will start to take shape. The design means it will be much more in keeping with the heritage surroundings whilst providing the standard of facilities that our visitors expect.

Alternative facilities remain available in the Refreshment Rooms, and in the wartime garden, where in August 2013 Dennis Taylor is seen working on the new state-of-the-art earth based sanitation facility.

Existing toilet block at Buckfastleigh, November 2013Phot © JBrodribb 2014
Work starts on the existing toilet block at Buckfastleigh, January 2014
Earth closet in the wartime garden and receiving attention in August 2013 from Dennis Taylor
Photos © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 12th January 2014

The pictures below shew the state of play on Thursday 09 January (left) – that’s the remains, under the digger. The rest was in the skip.
The photograph on the right, taken today (12 January 2014), shows the footings already in place. A quick look at the back of the pagoda shows that urgent attention was needed while access was possible, and this should have happened today, with replacement corrugated sheeting being fitted by volunteers from SDR Engineering.

One flatpack toilet ! Building gone and new foundations cast
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Photos © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 15th January 2014

The photograph below taken 13 January 2014 shows the back of the pagoda and the replacement corrugated sheeting fitted by volunteers from SDR Engineering.

The repairs by South Devon Railway Engineering are evident
Photo © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 23th January 2014

The photograph below, taken on Monday 20th January 2014, shows the new concrete slab cast for the toilet block.

The new toilet block concrete floor slab cast recently.
Photo © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 25th January 2014

The photographs below, taken on Friday 24th January 2014, show the new custom windows manufactured by a firm in Newton Abbot, and the exactly match the originals in the main station building. The sills are hardwood.
The blockwork walls are now growing by the day and there will be a plinth, capped with white brick, to match the existing building.

The new toilet block windows have been custom made to match the main building.
The new toilet block walls are growing by the day....
Photo © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 11th February 2014

Herewith the latest pictures of the toilet block showing the roof taking shape. Denis Johnson and Alasdair Page inspect the work in progress. The windows in the earlier photos will go in the apertures shown here. The new doors and frame were pictured the day they were delivered to site (06 February), and will form the main (and only entrance) from the platform. The other photo shows the two new windows being fitted to the main station building. We understand that others will be replaced as funds permit.

New toilet block gains roof timbers.
Buckfastleigh staton building also gets new windows.
New toilet block doorframes. New toilet block doors.
Photo © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 02nd March 2014

The latest picture of the toilet block shews the outer skin going on, whilst the insulation is installed between the walls. Slating the roof is complete and the first of the new windows is going in: note that it matches the originals in the main station building, and that the reveals use matching yellow bricks.
This is a welcome attention to detail, albeit in the nearest modern equivalents.

Photo © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 30nd March 2014

The latest pictures of the toilet block shew forecourt and platform sides of the toilet block. Note the forecourt side is just awaiting the final render finish and that the roof line on the platform side is being returned to its earlier profile.

Toilet Block substancially complete
The forecourt side of the Toilet block
Toilet Block substancially complete
The platform side of the Toilet block
Photo © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 11th April 2014

The platform side of the toilet block has gained its stone cladding so it resembles the original building.  Unfortunately the original stone supply was exhausted many years ago.  The tiling has been produced to replicate that used by the GWR.

Toilet Block platform frontage
The stone faced platform side of the Toilet block
Toilet Block new tiling detail
Detail of the new tiling in the Toilet block
Toilet Block new tiling
The new tiling in the Toilet block
Photos © JBrodribb 2014

Update: 18th April 2014

The 18th April 2014 was the momentous day the new toilet block opened to serve our customers. There's still some snagging to do but the greatly improved toilet facilities were made available for our Easter “Delivering the Goods” gala.

Toilet Block forecourt frontage
The forecourt side of the Toilet blocki rendered – note period low bridge road sign
The platform side of the Toilet Block
The platform side of the Toilet block complete with signage, luminaire etc.
Photos © JBrodribb 2014

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