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SDR's Branch Line Gala 26th - 28th May
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With an appalling weekend of weather, numbers attending the SDR's Branch Line Gala were lower than had been hoped for but nevertheless a goodly number of people were able to enjoy another splendid home grown event.

3803 and 5786 were in action on the two 'main' sets whilst newly auto fitted prairie tank 5526 ran a series of Auto Trains, including some that terminated at Nappers Halt for the first time - although numbers taking the short walk up the lane to the Sea Trout pub were few!

1369 was employed most of the weekend on running a typical branch goods - in fact maybe not so typical as it had more wagons than many branch trains of years gone by!

During the Saturday the opportunity was taken to snap a picture of the line's two largest locomotives, 3803 and 4920, together, both complete and looking like engines, for the first time since they were acquired by the South Devon Railway Trust (or Dumbleton Hall Locomotive Limited as the Company was named at the time). Whilst the Trust has owned them both since 1983 at no time since then has it been possible to photograph them both together looking like complete engines since that time until this specially staged moment. Whilst 3803 is now in the second year of its ten year ticket after overhaul, 4920 awaits its turn in the restoration queue after running out of ticket. How long before both can be photographed in steam at the same time I wonder!

3803 & 5526 Await their turns at Buckfastleigh
5786 pauses at Staverton on a Sunny Saturday
3803 at Totnes 
5526 is now Auto Fitted
A typical Branch Line Scene from the 50's
Totnes Station view from the 
Rare Breeds farm

3803 & 4920 Standing together in Buckfastleigh yard
While at Totnes a visit to the Rare Breeds Farm is a must. 

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