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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Driver for a Tenner 2016 - Report
Alan Mitchelmore, Chris Bowden, Derek Goult, Howard Webster, Ron Reynolds & Abbie Harmes
Declan Gregory, Chris Bowden & Derek GoultDeclan Gregory & Marina Mitchelmore
Photo © JBrodribb 2016

The very last hurrah! The annual Driver for a Tenner took place on Saturday 12th November 2016, with locomotive 3205 crewed by Howard Webster, Derek Goult, Chris Bowden and Alan Mitchelmore. On offer was a ten-minute slot to drive the locomotive from the platform at Buckfastleigh to the original signal box, reverse via the loop to Paper Mill Bridge, back to the platform and round again. Unlike previous years it wasn't possible to go to Caddaford curve, because re-railing was already in progress between Paper Mill Bridge and Nursery Pool. All proceeds go to the British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal, and the event was again popular with the general public and SDR staff and volunteers. As in previous years, Marina Mitchelmore ran the show on the day.

The photos show a line up of SDR volunteers in front of 3205: Alan Mitchelmore, Chris Bowden, Derek Goult, Howard Webster, Ron Reynolds and Abbie Harmes, the latter two also representing the British Legion.

Former Young Volunteer of the Year Declan Gregory drove 3205 and was duly certified...

The museum was open and welcomed a good number of visitors, and both the café and shop were also open. Another very good day for the South Devon Railway and its volunteers, which raised around £500 for the Poppy Appeal.

Best wishes

John Brodribb
SDRT Museum Curator

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