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GWR 4-4-0 "Earl of Berkeley" 9017
Photographers' charter April 2011
9017 at Totnes
9017 at Totnes
9017 at Totnes
GWR 4-4-0 "Earl of Berkeley" at Totnes 2011Photo © T.Parrott 2011

Former GWR 4-4-0 No. 9017 "Earl of Berkeley" is seen here with today's 2.15pm service train from Buckfastleigh.
The engine started the day with "a test and gauging run" down the line, then performed some shunting at Staverton, and finally double headed the 2.15pm service train after lunch with a full load test.
Our General Manager Dick Wood drove part of the way along with our Permanent Way Manager Andy Mathews and Trust Engineering Director Allan Cash, with trainee fireman Ernest Elsworth Wilson on the shovel.
1369 was crewed by Mike Webb, Peter Carpenter and John Taylor and at the request of both the Dukedog drivers, Andy Mathews and Dick Wood, 1369 was towed dead to and from Totnes.  Dick has confirmed that 1369 provided no assistance because his train “felt heavy”.

From Monday 4 April, 9017 is booked for a week of photographic charters. One of the operational instructions was that the locomotive wasn't to be cleaned; something requested by the photographers.

No doubt this is what goes for shabby chic these days!

On the 7th April 2011 9017 was part of a photographic charter and this saw the locomotive berefit of name plates and unkempt as in the last days of steam on BR.

9017 at Buckfastleigh
9017 at Caddaford
GWR 4-4-0 "Earl of Berkeley" at Buckfastleigh & Caddaford 2011Photo © R.Bruford 2011

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