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'Gronk Aid II'

Over the weekend of 05/06th November 2005 we held our second "In House" diesel Gala in aid of our "09" 0-6-0 Diesel Electric shunter.
This locomotive needs a full service and repair of the chassis which is currently outside the capabilities of our workshops because the wheelsets with traction motors are too heavy for our wheeldrop.
The weather forecast was ominous but the real rain didn't arrive until the evening which meant that Sunday was a very different day to Saturday!
If you've followed the saga of our Routemaster 'bus you'll be aware that we'd intended to use it at the main Diesel Gala in the summer but couldn't so this gala was our first opportunity to run an integrated transport service.  As can be seen from the photographs below the integration became complete when it was deemed prudent to close the Staverton to Totnes section due to rising river levels.  This section has suffered from slips in 1999 and some wash out in 2000 so the RouteMaster was called upon to provide a rail replacement service (for which we have the blinds!).
There was a time when the mainline was suspended too due to very high river level at Totnes.  In the picture below you'll see two of our volunteers getting to work despite the ½ metre deep water.  The river had been up to the top handrail earlier, hence the Network rail closure, and never got below 300mm all day.

It has been reported that our passengers were impressed with the smooth way the revision was implemented.
South Devon Diesel Traction have also posted a page on this subject but they also took photographs of the locomotives!
The SDDT report.

RM1872 at Staverton
RM1872 at Staverton awaiting the next trainload of passengers for Totnes

Floods at Knappers Floods at Knappers
The flooding looking South from Knappers Town Mill (Staverton) becomes an island
Floods at Knappers Floods at Totnes
The site of the last washout Intrepid volunteers getting to work at Totnes
Floods at Buckfastleigh Floods at Buckfastleigh
The Buckfastleigh river walk gets literal ! Chris the groundsman contemplates......
RM1872 at Totnes Mainline
RM1872 at Totnes Mainline with more passengers for the trains from Staverton
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