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Locomotive 4160 gets hopper ashpan.

4160, which is the subject of a contract overhaul at the Buckfastleigh Works of the South Devon Railway, will be fitted with a new hopper ashpan when it goes back into traffic.
The new ashpan has been built at Buckfastleigh based on existing similar items fitted to preserved locomotives and will make the disposal at the end of the day a much quicker operation. The completed ashpan was photographed recently in the works.
Learning from the experience will probably result in the South Devon Railway's own locomotive 3803, also currently undergoing restoration to working order in the works, being fitted with a similar arrangement.
3803 has had all its wheels removed to check work carried out some years ago at Tyseley. Unfortunately the engine has suffered some damage to white metal surfaces in the boxes as a result of the elapse of time during which the restoration has not been progressed. All the problems have now been rectified and the final set of wheels will be refitted shortly. All the copper pipe runs are being made using the backhead of 4920 as a jig whilst the engine's own boiler is at Crewe Heritage Centre undergoing repair. It is expected back in the early autumn. SDR fitting staff have already completed the inside motion and are now turning their attentions to the outside motion. The SDR awaits the return of the locomotives connecting rods which were loaned to another group some years ago to enable their own locomotive to return to the main line.
That group is having a new set made to replace the ones that have been on loan for the last eight years.
4160 4160
Hopper Ashpan manufactured in Buckfastleigh Workshops prior to fitting to Locomotive 4160.
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