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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Mutual Improvement Class
Rodney Cox passing on pearls of wisdomPhoto © J Brodribb 2013

This evening saw a very successful Mutual Improvement Class take place at Buckfastleigh, on the subject of communication. Attendance was very good indeed, at about 25. Many people came from the footplate, although there were also guards and signalmen, together with one member of the platform staff. Topics covered were the phonetic alphabet - used because it removes any ambiguity from messages - handsignals using lamps and two-way radio. Howard Webster arranges the classes, which are open to all SDR staff and volunteers, and the tutors on this occasion were Colin Harmes and Rodney Cox. Participants gathered first in the locomen's lobby - very cosy indeed with so many people, and quickly adourned to the main station platform for practical work. Overall it was a very enjoyable session, with much useful information and practice to learn. Keep an eye open for future classes on other topics.

Alan Mitchelmore demonstrates a hand signal. A group at the other end of the platform had to acknowledge this by radioColin Harmes and Howard Webster confer on the platform
Colin Harmes, Rodney Cox and Howard WebsterRodney Cox in full flow
Photo © J Brodribb 2013

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