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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Engineering repairs
East Anglia Railway Museum's N7 69621

N7 69621 at Buckfastleigh 04th March 2011Photo © RElliott 2011
N7 69621 crosses carpark bridge at Buckfastleigh 04th March 2011Photo © RElliott 2011
N7 69621 with GWR 2-8-0 3803 at Buckfastleigh 04th March 2011Photo © RElliott 2011
N7 69621 shunts Thomas at Buckfastleigh 04th March 2011Photo © RElliott 2011

The East Anglia Railway Museum sent their 0-6-2T N7 69621 to South Devon Railway Engineering (SDRE) to investigate and repair a broken driver axle box.  Upon examination is was found that one of the axleboxes on the centre driving axle had broken into three pieces and the other, following treatment with a crack detecting dye, shewed signs of cracks developing.  SDRE have therefore replaced both the axle boxes with new items machined from new replacement castings.

On completion of the work SDRE steam tested the locomotive and the insurance boiler inspector passed it so it can return to its Chappel and Wakes Colne base in time for their 40th anniversary celebration marking the setting up of the society in 1971.
Also in the works has been the East Anglia Railway Museum's RSH 0-6-0T official Thomas replica for wheel reprofiling, improvements to the lubrication and a number of other small jobs.  Given that 69621 had to be steam tested and both engines needed to be run in, they were coupled together and run up and down within station confines because DB Railtrim were on the branch giving it its annual "short back and sides".

Both locomotives are due to leave the SDR in the near future.

The presence of the EARM's Thomas makes this the eighth Thomas replica to appear in the South Devon Railway's Buckfastleigh Station!

N7 69621 back in action for weekend 11 to 12 March 2011

N7 69621 in action at Chappell 11th March 2011Photo © Ted Lawrence 2011

The locomotive is seen here at the 40th Anniversary event at Chappell and Wakes Colne where it is reported to have performed faultlessly

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