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'New Appointments'

John Haslam
Andy Mathews

John Haslam has been appointed to the new position of operations manager and Andy Matthews has been appointed permanent way manager for the South Devon Railway Trust. Both report directly to general manager Richard Elliott.

Mr Haslam’s responsibilities centre on the operation of the railway in a safe and efficient manner. He will also be acting in a supporting role for the general manager. Up to his new appointment, he spent his entire working life in local government and was latterly principal support services officer for South Hams District Council, with responsibilities including VAT, treasury management and the management of the authority’s insurance portfolio. On the railway, he has recently led the revision of the rule book.

Mr Haslam, 53, who lives in Torquay, is a life long railway enthusiast who first became involved with the South Devon line in 1972. As a volunteer on the railway, he has worked in a range of roles encompassing signalman, guard, booking office clerk and on the permanent way.

“This new position is a huge challenge and is part of the SDR’s establishment of a strengthened management team, comprising Richard Elliott, general manager, Andy Matthews with responsibility for permanent way and workshop manager Rob Le Chevalier.

“Through the experienced I gained in risk management and managing the district council’s insurance portfolio, I have a good understanding of the fundamentals of the concepts of managing public spaces. On the railway, I will be able to combine my operating knowledge and experience with my experience of safety and procedural systems.”

Andy Matthews, 39, who lives in Paignton, has responsibility for the maintenance and renewal of the line’s trackwork, which is in the process of receiving a major upgrade. Mr Matthews was previously employed by Wessex Trains and the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway. He has been a volunteer on the South Devon line since the 1970s.

The railway is open from March to October and can be contacted on 0843 357 1420 

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