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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY News 28th June 2017
The Bovey Tracey and Plymouth Railway Circle visitPhoto © BMills 2017

We are getting into the summer season now: I know that because at the time of writing it is raining in Buckfastleigh. This is actually quite unusual for this season, which has been dry. Much watering has been needed on the tubs and hanging baskets around the stations, but they do look very good along the line.

We have hosted a number of visits recently by local groups, including the Bovey Tracey Heritage Trust and Plymouth Railway Circle. In both cases I have shown them around the museum and parts of the site including the original signal box and Lee Moor Museum. Richard Elliott does the workshop tours. The pictures show members of the Plymouth Railway Circle taking a ride on the Miniature Railway, and also posed in front of and on Lee Moor No 2. Thanks to Bernard Mills for the latter photo. It is worth emphasising that although access to the Lee Moor Museum is tricky at the moment it is perfectly possible, and will improve as the works on laying in the new sidings progress. In fact, this has been happening this week, but I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of it. In the longer term the museum and its contents – of huge local importance – will move to the redeveloped museum side of the Buckfastleigh site. They also visited the Garden Railway, hence the photo of Russell, a live steam model of the Welsh Highland locomotive.

SDRE’s Tony Wilson fitsone of L.92’s axle boxes to the driving axlePhoto © JBrodribb 2017

Work has continued on L92. The photo shows Tony Wilson replacing an axlebox on the driving axle, and the locomotive was re-wheeled last Sunday. The hydraulic test is due tomorrow (Thursday), following which - assuming it is successful - reassembly of boiler and frames can begin.

The Military Vehicle Trust&rquo;s box vanapePhoto © JBrodribb 2017

The Military Vehicle Trust commissioned the Staverton Preservation Group to rebuild a box van for them, and it is now in use at Buckfastleigh. It is a great credit to the SPG. The “John Allen“ CHAD graffiti on the van refers to a former Desert Rat and long-time member of the Devon Area Group MVT, whose legacy helped fund this work.

The ground works for the former S&T shed at Totnes Riverside
Photo © CMackenzie-Thorpe 2017

Work has started at Totnes on preparing the site for the S&T store formerly at Buckfastleigh, and displaced by the new carriage shed. Very many thanks to Chris Mackenzie-Thorpe for the photos, which show clearance in progress. Yes, that is Allan Lovegrove grappling with the controls of the mini-digger.

Best wishes

John Brodribb
SDRT Museum Curator

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