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SDR Branch Line Weekend
October 2003


October 24th saw the first day of the SDR Great Western Branch Line Weekend. The day dawned cold and frosty producing some superb images. Here are some shots captured during the event.

The first picture catches 1369 coming off shed in a cloud of steam with strong rear lighting making a dramatic shot with the fireman silhouetted in the cab window.

1369 climbing bank at Buckfastleih

Shortly afterwards 1420 leaves on the 10.00am auto train to Totnes. Later on Lady Angela found itself heading the goods train to Staverton.
"AutoTrain" "Lady Angela"

Locomotive 3205 is caught head on approaching the terminus station with the fireman about to drop the staff on the horn.

While at Staverton 1420 and 5786 are see passing at the  loop just north of Staverton Station and shunting is seen taking place in porridge siding which can be viwed from the platform
14 and 57 pass at Staverton Shunting Staverton Yard

Finally a super shot of Locomotive 5786 departing from Staverton Loop on its return journey to Buckfastleigh.
5786 in Staverton loop

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