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 P-Way Work at Totnes
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The SDR Permanent Way team having completed the two projects at Staverton, the relaying of the  Level Crossing and the Staverton Dock siding have moved onto their next project at Totnes Littlehempston. This involves replacing the points at the Totnes end of the run round loop with the point recovered from the Totnes end of the Staverton dock siding. Here are some pictures of the gang at work and rest as well as some more to give you an idea of what the project involved. Another successful project completed. --  Well done chaps, great team work, volunteers always required so if you fancy a day out contact Andy Matthews at Buckfastleigh.
Works train on its way
Doing up the nuts
Boring the holes
Some find it too exahusting
1st Track inspection
2nd Track inspection
Almost ready for a Loco test
1st locomotive over the newly installed point
All the pictures have been supplied by Chris the Gardener / PWay Assistant--many thanks Chris.

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