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During the closed season the opportunity is being taken to carry out the replacement of a further 400 sleepers in the area of Woodville beside the River Dart
The photographs below show what has been achieved, in a little over a week over a quarter mile of line has been removed, the formation graded, new sleepers laid, rails put back in place, keys inserted and fishplates refitted, below is a photograph of the first train  running over the yet to be ballasted and tamped new section, and being used to collect the old sleepers for re-use at Staverton.
The other photograph shows the view looking towards Buckfastleigh. Slewing, ballasting and tamping still required. Old materials are already be collected for re-use elsewhere or scrap, the aim being to have a completed section of line (clutter free, freshly ballasted and with cess paths) by the start of running in March.

Work has also been taking place at Staverton midway between Buckfastleigh and Totnes where the siding beside the Old Cider Store just to the south of Staverton Station is being renewed using the old wartime concrete sleepers recovered from the relay at Woodville.
Below are two photographs showing the Cider siding formation at Staverton after the rails have been removed, the old sleepers taken out and the formation graded ready to receive replacement concrete sleepers recovered from the relaying at Woodville. The second shows The digger in action at Staverton preparing the siding formation and clearing away excess soil.


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