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tidies up the “Royal Mile”
Looking towards TotnesPhoto © TParrott 2011
Looking towards Buckfastleigh (note new signal errected by S&T 7th August 2009)Photo © TParrott 2011
3205 works its train from Totnes Littlehempston to BuckfastleighPhoto © TParrott 2011

As part of the continuous effort needed to keep the branch line tidy the Wednesday Gang started working between Woodville and the Royal Mile on April 27th, and have met there on 23 occasions, with gang numbers ranging between 5 and 11. The total man days has amounted to 183, and the length of trackside dealt with is 900 yards (joint numbers 630 to 690). A popular attraction which has encouraged attendance, has been the cakes, baked by Sue Parratt, and brought to site by her son, Phil.

Members interested in joining the team may like to know that not only will they be most welcome but that they will be trained in the safe use of the necessary tools. There are Chain Saw Courses planned, and help is needed to load the “Log Sale Train”, currently planned for Sunday 6th November, so it can move the logs to more accessible parts of the Railway for sale.
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