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Happy Christmas from the SDR
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The SDR would like to wish all its visitors a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, whether you've visited in person, or just electronically via the website.

The Santa season this year has been a huge success with all 6500 seats all sold out more than 10 days before the first Santa Special left the station at Buckfastleigh!

Here are some pictures that show the fun!

 Crowds await the 3.20pm departure on 23rd December
5786 comes on to the 3.20pm ready to depart 
for the North Pole
Santa arrives with Cinderella, Doctor Foster and 
the Queen of Hearts
Santa in his magic garden with Cinderella
 Santa in the front room of his cottage awaits his 
last batch of customers with Cinderella and Wee Willie Winkie

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