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Made to Order - GWR Locomotive Brick-Arch Fire Bricks

The South Devon Railway Engineering Workshops are now able to supply all the Brick Arch, Fire Bricks in the various sizes used in Great Western Locomotives. A complete set of firebricks has just been produced for the Great Western Society's "Castle" Class 4-6-0 5051. We have the patterns now to make any of the various bricks that go to make up the various arches, large and small. As you can see from the photos we have the original information books that give all the shapes and sizes for the various different numbered boilers. So, if you want a particular brick for a particular boiler just let us know and we can oblige! Or if you want a full set or a part set we can help you decide which ones you want!
These currently vary in price from £18 - £24 each dependant on size of brick and quantity required. We will be very happy to send you a quote on receiving an enquiry.
Fire bricks Fire bricks
GWR Firebrick chart
GWR Firebrick chart
GWR Firebrick chart
GWR Firebrick moulds

Phone Rob on (+44) 01364 - 643461 for more information.


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