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Locomotive and Carriage Spare Parts
Made to Order - GWR Cab Fittings

Our range of Great Western fabricated loco parts available from the South Devon Railway Workshops are manufactured to the highest standard incorporating all the detail of the original designs. These two items are for Great Western loco cabs and are standard to all GW locos be it a lowly Pannier or a lofty “King”.

First is the standard design of firehole door flap – the one that the fireman flips up and down with a chain. It is a complicated pressing which has involved making some fairly hefty dies. The bare flap is illustrated but is available (at additional cost) with chain and hinge though these can usually be recovered from the old flap.

Second is the Great Western designed driver’s stand for the can of cylinder oil over the firehole door to keep the oil warm. Most crews find it just as useful for standing the billy can on. So we call it by its official name of Oil Tray however, if you ask for a Tea Tray, then we will know what you mean!

Firehole Flap Oil Tray

If you are interested please contact Rob Le Chevalier at the SDR workshop for details on 01364 643461.


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