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New door skins
Freshly pressed GWR door skins in SDRE WorksPhoto © GBishop 2012

South Devon Railway Engineering have just added these pressings to their growing list of parts for the heritage rail industry.

The upper door skins are for standard Hawksworth doors and can be pressed to either hand (the hinge side is normally on the left and narrower than the lock side).
The material used is 2mm galvanised steel which allows for a full draw in each corner meaning no fabrication is needed and these are the finished article.

The lock hole is not provided in case the lock is not in the standard location.  Also the hinge notches are not present to allow for variations in the individual doors.

The first SDR coach to benefit from these new door skins is Hawksworth brake third W2180.

New door skin ToolingNew door skin Tooling
Punch raised through the die Finished door skin in press
New door skin ToolingReskinned door 10
SDRE’s 700 ton John Shaw vicing press with die and punch W2180’s door 10 reskinned
Photos top and lower left © SDRE 2012 Photo lower right © GBishop 2012

As a guide the price per item in 2012 is £68.00 + carriage and VAT at the prevailing rate.

Phone Rob on (+44) 01364 - 643461 for more information.

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