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Made to Order - Carriage Ventilators

Does your coach leak and need new roof ventilators ?

Maybe we can help:

The South Devon Railway Engineering are pleased to announce that we can supply GWR/LMS or the shorter BR pattern carriage ventilators in hot dip galvanised finish.
The ventilators are carefully manufactured in house to exacting standards and then hot dipped galvanised for extended life.  We can also supply (at extra cost) replacement stainless steel set screws for fixing the new ventilators to your  carriage roof, if required.
We now make the "Ash tray" inner fitting in copper.

Ventilator Inner fittings Ventilators
Ventilator inside fittings Sample GWR/LMS & BR ventilators as supplied

If you are interested 'phone Rob Le Chevalier at the SDR workshop for details on 01364 - 643461.


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