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Replacement GWR Art-Deco Lamp Bracket for 1295
Original GWR Art-Deco Lamp Bracket with glass shadePhoto © GBishop 2021
Replacement GWR Art-Deco Lamp Bracket components before assemblyPhoto © GBishop 2021
Basic Lamp Bracket components assembled ready for silver solderingPhoto © GBishop 2021
Replacement Lamp Bracket after silver soldering and copper platingPhoto © GBishop 2021
Finished replacement GWR Art-Deco Lamp Brackets ready for fitting
Note original corner bracket for comparison
Photo © GBishop 2021

When 1295 was restored the missing lamp fittings were replaced with those from 1285 however two of the perpendicular brackets ( Photo #1 above ) couldn't be replaced because all those in 1285 had already been removed and lost though several of the shade mounts have not been hence their appearance in these photographs.
The original brackets were castings however, for just two, it wasn't worth making a pattern so the replacements have been machined out of the solid.
Obviously the bulbholder mounting bush and the shade mount retaining ring nuts were also missing so replacements have been machined ( Photo 2 above ).
To save time and metal the bracket was redesigned to be made from two components ( Photo 2 above ) which were then silver soldered together ( Photo 3 above ). These assemblies were then sent away for copper plating ( Photo 4 above ) and were then sprayed in a thin black paint to achieve an “antique” effect ( Photo 5 above ).  The photograph shews the final brackets and an original corner bracket for comparison.

The brass bulbholders are new and from S Lilley & Co because they still make bulbholders with a ⅝ Brass ( 26 tpi ) thread as per the original GWR fittings.

The Severn Valley Railway had moulds made for the glass shades; in 1295 we have used the larger ceiling ones however the smaller ones under the luggage racks were never bought.  We have borrowed the moulds and hope to get replacements blown in due course.

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