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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY ASSOCIATION Photograph Archive #3 - Buckfastleigh

This page, when complete, will have approximately 60 images based on activities centred on Buckfastleigh over time so we present here the images as thumbnails.

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This appears to be the Littleworth Coach. The Guard is Len Rosier.
Date: 31st December 1974. Copyright Coventry Journal.

Barbara shunts, D&C coaches into platform. Nearest camera Gresley saloon/wartime ambulance car/engineers saloon
followed by TSO followed by Gresley full brake/pigeon van.  Date:18th April 1991.  Photo: Alan Taylor. (B113)

The Matisa tamper. Purchased ex Barry scrapyard overhauled at Buckfastleigh with parts obtained from Switzerland.
Entered service in 1974. Seen tamping the sewer pipe relaid section (1970)  23rd December 1974.
 Photo: J. R. Besley. (B103)

Contractor in catro using water gun at 8,000 lbs sq" on Nursery Pool Bridge.  10th May 1976.  Photo: J. R. Besley

DVR gangers applying bitumastic/resin paint to Nursery Pool Bridge.  10th May 1976.  Photo: J. R. Besley
Littleworth Coach David & Charles Coaches Matisa Tamper Nursery Pool Bridge

The third column is put in place.  Date: 13th September 1977.  Photo: J. R. Besley

A really useful crane lifting the bridge support columns into place.  Date: September 1977.  Photo: ?

Buckfastleigh Station - note the dreadful chimney.  Date: June 1990.  Photo: ?

Dart Valley days. How things can change over the years. Note the small black hut next to the Museum,
which was used as the temporary ticket office until such time as the Calidec company was able to relocate
away from the station building.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

1369, 1450, 6430 at Buckfastleigh on 1st October 1966.  Photo: Ron Lumber. (B106)
Steam Crane assembling footbridge DVR Buckfastleigh forecourt 1369, 1450, 6430

A very black day indeed as a remarkable line up of black BR liveries emerge for discerning
photographers as dusk approaches Monday April 4th (year?).  Photo: ?

An ex-Devon CC Aveling Porter Road Roller.  Date: July 1989.  Photo: Bill Wright. (B106)

Thornbury Castle at Buckfastleigh.  Date: ?  Photo: Daryl Milford

1993(WAW?) Precise date ?  Photo: Bill Wright?

Working on erecting the water tower. Crane lifting valve. Army display
tower visible behind match truck.  25th March 1978.  Photo: ?
BR Black Locomotives Aveling & Porter Roller Thornbury Castle Pump Trolley Battersea Water Tank

An early Board Meeting: Barry Cogar, Peter Sutcliffe, Rob Woodman, Ian Allan, Roger Petty,
Cyril Sweeting, ?, Bob Saunders, Brigadier Ralph Rayner.  Missing from the list is John Evans,
Terry Holder, Pat Garland and Pat Whitehouse.  Date ?  Photo: ?

Ian Robinson splashing it about in the early days. Ian now residing
in Anchorage Alaska!  Date: 1970?  Photo: Rod Budd. (B103)

This shot was taken from the Ashburton side of the River Dart at Dart Bridge.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Buckfastleigh 1420 ready for next train. Ashley No.1 moving the crane. 'Glendower' on shed.  Easter Saturday 25th March 1978.  Photo: ?

Ashley No.1 Shunting.  Date:30th August 1976.  Photo: J.R. Besley
Early DVR Board Painting Buckfastleigh Old line at Dart Bridge Buckfastleigh Building site Ashley shunting

JCB unloading in Buckfastleigh yard.  Date: 1st March 1976.  Photo: J.R. Besley

The Littleworth Coach No. 484 in the grounds of Yew Tree Cottage,
Littleworth, Worcester.  Date: ?  Photo: Paul Addenbrooke. (B126)

The only shot we have of the double headed David St.John Thomas special arriving at Buck. 24th September 1994

14’, 16’ & 64’s and a little 'un (Peckett).  Date: ?  Photo: Rod Budd

The very last train to Ashburton. D2192, photographed from the cab, propels a wagon
into the terminus prior to the lifting of the track.  Photo: Rob Woodman. (B127)
JCB unloading ballast Littleworth Coach David St.John Special 14’, 16’ & 64’s & Peckett Last train to Ashburton

5th May 1991.  Photo: Richard Axford

No passengers but a busy looking railway scene.  Date: 1977/78?  Photo: ?

The Bridge is up by this time.  Date: 1977 onwards.  Photo: M. Besley. (B101)

Bleak winter... Contractors J.C.B. at work, sitting in a Grampus picking up sleepers for transporting
down the line to Totnes Riverside.  14th February 1977.  Photo: - J. R. Besley

1638 and train wait hopefully in the rain for passengers for the 1.45pm to Totnes. The Devon Belle Pulman
Observation Car No. 280 was ex-S.R. and rebuilt in 1947. Note lack of footbridge.  16th August 1977.  Photo: J.R. Besley
Goods Train Devon Belle 1450 & Devon Belle JCB Loading sleepers Devon Belle 1977

3205 & 1420 at Buckfastleigh on 29th May 1966.  Photo: R. Hennefer

Dart Valley signal group - Andy Hayden takes charge as the Jones crane lifts it up into position.
Date: 9th February 1990.  Photo: N. M. Perring

Dart Valley signal group - Andy Hayden takes charge as the Jones crane lifts it up into position.
Date: 9th February 1990.  Photo: N. M. Perring

The crane in use on laying track panels.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

Preparing to lay sewage pipes in Kilbury (Paper Mill) Cutting.
Date: 4th November 1970.  Photo: J. R. Besley
3205 & 1420 in 1966 Crane installing bracket signal Crane with track panels Sewer pipes 1970

Probably there to issue a ticket.  Date: October 1989.  Photo: Barry Read. (B107)

Where's the switch for the blues and twos?  Date: October 1989.  Photo: Barry Read. (B107)

I wonder what we can do with the steering wheel? The walkie talkie might come in useful though.
Date: October 1989  Photo: Barry Read

Looks as though we are about to be towed away!  Date: October 1989.  Photo: Barry Read

New steelwork for the workshops at Buckfastleigh?  Date: July 1978.  Photo: Geoffrey Kichenside?
LandRover Discovery Launch 1989 Workshop flatpack!

3440 City of Truro backs onto it's train at Buckfastleigh.  Date: 27th June 1992.  Photo: Alan Taylor (B120)

City of Truro at Buckfastleigh. Ron Reynolds quietly observing.  Date: June 1992?  Photo: Alan Taylor?

3440 'City of Truro' darkens the sky as she prepares to leave Buckfastleigh with the
? to Littlehempston on 27th(?) June 1992.  Photo: Mark S. Wilkins

0-6-0PT 7752 on loan from Birmingham Railway Museum, arriving at Buckfastleigh with the
2.32pm train from Littlehempston Riverside.  Date: 16th July 1992.  Photo: Tim Edmonds (B123)

Inside Buckfastleigh booking hall showing new fireplace.
Date: 23rd July 1993.  Photo: Alan Taylor
GWR 4-4-0 No 3440 "City of Truro" GWR 0-6-0PT 7752 Booking Hall

The DVLR Wickham, and King George Saloon outside "B" Shop.  Date: 1989.  Photo: ?

Dr Beeching's car. May 1969. Photo: Rod Budd

69023 "Joem" at Buckfastleigh, with Dave Knowling on top of the job as usual.  Date: 13th July 1991.  Photo: Les Hawkins

Peckett shunting old ballast ex B.R., note the Gig (Shunters Truck) recently worked on.  Date: 27th March 1978.  Photo: ?

Barbara with a mixed goods in loop at Buckfastleigh.  Date: 6th May 1991.  Photo: Len Rosier (B120)
DVLR Wickham Dr Beeching’s car 69023 "Joem" A Peckett shunting Bagnell 0-6-0ST "Barbara"

From ballast level the footbridge and water tower, presumably newly erected and in course of painting.
See the appeal from The Company for further loving care!  Actual date 1977?  Photo: ?

The Sack Crane, 6435, 1450 and 1369. Date: 1967. Photo: John Adams. (B101 & B115)

An impressive line of coaches at Buckfastleigh. The two Pullman coaches are No 54, the Brake
and Ibis, No. 245.  These were built in 1923 and 1925 respectively.  Date: ?  Photo: ?

1638 on the 2pm train waiting to leave.  Date: 13th June 1978.  Photo: ?

1369 as a multi colour job, with 1450.  Date: ?  Photo: Rod Budd
Buckfastleigh Footbridge The Sack Crane Pullman Coaches 1638 in 1978 1369 & 1450

1638 "Dartington" taking water. 14th April 1989. This engine was purchased from Croes Newydd shed for £1300 in 1966.
Built in 1951, it arrived at Buckfastleigh on 25th November 1967.  Alan Gosling stands on the tank.  Photo: ?

Tiny at Buckfastleigh Museum.  25th July 1993.  Photo: Mark S. Wilkins (picture damaged)

1420 at Buckfastleigh on 20th May 1966.  Photo: R. Hennefer

5764 leaving Buckfastleigh in the pouring rain with the 2pm for Littlehempston.
Date: 11th June 1993. Photo: Tim Edmonds (B126)

Possibly 13/12/69 official opening of the coach by monks from Buckfast. Aubrey Bennett, Ken Mould, ?,
Peter Lemar or John Kelly, ?, Dick Dinwoody, Ashley Burgess - copyright Western Morning News
1638 taking water "Tiny" in Museum 1420 in 1966 5764 in 1993 Monks in 9111 "King George"

If you are interested in any of the pictures above or can help us fill in the blanks such as date or photographer then please stating the picture description and location in the page (row and column).  Many thanks.

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