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This page has approximately 40 images based on the line over time so we present here the images as thumbnails.

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2-6-2T No. 4567 heads a Plymouth Railway Circle Brake Van Special for Ashburton. 8th September 1962. This was
BR's last working down the branch, and had visited Totnes Quay earlier in the evening.  Photo: Ron Lumber. (B124)

1450 leaving Staverton with a Buckfastleigh train.  7th June 1977.  Photo: Les Hawkins

You could grice for years without seeing one of these! The bronze cast steam fountain as in Dumbleton Hall
sitting in Watford, awaiting a lift to Banbury on route to Swindon. The fountain sits atop the boiler and
distributes steam to useful places like the steam brake, steam heating, and the regulator.
Date ?  Photo: Bill Wright.

4561 and WD132 (Sapper) double head the 0930 passenger train from Buckfastleigh to Totnes across Nursery
Pool bridge. This was the first train of the Branch Line Weekend.  12th October 1996.  Photo: Tim Edmonds

68011 Errol Lonsdale climbs the gradient into Buckfastleigh with the 1.10pm
from Totnes(Littlehempston).  16th June 1994.  Photo: Alan Taylor. (B126)
4567 with brake vans 1967 1450 with train 1977 GWR Manifold for 4920 4561 & WD132 1996 68011 Papermill 1994

Nick Perring practicising his knots on the whistle cord.  14th October 1995.  Photo: Bill Wright.

The BR Crane Driver who came down on his day off. This was once 'his' crane.  15th January 1976.  Photo: John Besley

1450 "Ashburton" near Riverford Bridge on 3rd August 1984.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy.

A Prairie Tank on car park bridge. Note the 'volunteers accommodation' just to the left of the engine!
18th July 1973.  Photo Mr. Barber

Dart Valley Railway Prairie Tank 4555 couples up to the
Devon Belle Observation Car at Buckfastleigh, on 18th July 1973.  Photo: Mr. Barber
Connecting auto whistle BR Steam Crane driver 1450 1984 Buckfastleigh 1973 4555 & Devon Belle 1973

The train prepares to leave for Totnes (Riverside) on 18th July 1973.  Photo: Mr. Barber.

DVR Prairie approaches the platform to couple up.  18th July 1973?  Photo: Mr. Barber?

The train arrives and the Ferry Boat is waiting.  August 1996.  Photo: Dave Kelland. (B134)

The ex-Leominster water crane being restored at Buckfastleigh.  Date: 1995?  Photo: Dave Kelland?

The ex-Leominster water crane being restored at Buckfastleigh.  Date: 1995 ?  Photo: Dave Kelland?
Buckfastleigh 1973 4555 in 1973 Ferry Boat 1996 Former GWR Leominster water crane

Totnes Link - the first hurdle. Date 1993 ? Photo: Nick Perring (B122)

Work proceeding on the Totnes Link - the first hurdle.  Date 1993?  Photo: Nick Perring.

Winner of the "Best View of the Totnes Link Bridge" competition.  Easter 1994.  Photo: Les Hawkins.

A view of the Bulliver Bridge from the SDR Jetty.  Date August 1996  Photo: David Kelland

David St. John Thomas, Patron of the South Devon Railway Association, dedicates the Bulliver nameplates on
28th April 1997.  Photo: Judy Carter.
Work starts on the Totnes link "Bulliver Bridge" Dedication of bridge

Bulleid wheel sets being retyred in "A" Shop under contract. Date: Spring 2007. Photo: David Kelland

Gavin with his mobile phone. Date: 14th September 1996. Photo: Les Hawkins.

Bill Wright painting the phone box donated by Gavin Bishop, which was erected
using the Allan Cash crane.  Date: 16th November 1996.  Photo: Les Hawkins.

Ashley really can rescue grumpy looking visiting Panniers! Date ?  Photo: P. F. Exell

All the Fun of the Fair, with trains as well. Date?  Photo: David Kelland
Bulleid wheels being retyred K6 kiosk for Buckfastleigh Ashley to the rescue All the fun of the fare

Double headed Austerities leaving Buckfastleigh to collect the David St John Thomas special. October 1994.  Photo: ?

24th September 1994.  Photo: Mark Wilkins

David St. John Thomas special. 24th September 1994.  Photo: ?

An Auto Train heading for Ashburton in 1969(?).  Photo: Ron Lumber.

Looking towards Ashburton (1969?) with Furzeleigh Mill (?) in the distance.  Photo: Ron Lumber.
Double Austerities 1994 David St. John special An autotrain View to Ashburton

6412 arriving at Buckfastleigh from Totnes. (1969?).  Photo: Ron Lumber

6412 and Auto Coach 228 at Buckfastleigh. (1969?)  Photo: Ron Lumber

The Auto Train waits at the platform at Buckfastleigh. On the right is the (North) Signal Box. Note the tall trees and
scrubs where the No. 1 to 4 roads are now, and the water stand pipe in the six foot. (1969)?  Photo: Ron Lumber

Engine 1450 "Ashburton" at Buckfastleigh on 3rd August 1984. Note lack of signal arms.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy

Engine 1450 "Ashburton" and 1638 ready to double head a train away from a
very busy Buckfastleigh Station. Circa 1989.  Photo: Les Hawkins. (B108)
6412 in 1969 6412 & W228 An Autotrain 1969 1450 in 1984 1450 & 1638 c1989

Ain’t love grand?  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland

“Tiny” is on the move. It is being jacked up prior to a move across the museum to allow for an extension to
the workshop. Remnants of the last fire were found in the grate. Alan Gosling, Richard Elliott, Dave Knowling
and Steven Gamage are in stand by for action mode. 3rd October 1991.  Photo: Alan Taylor. (B115)

A gleaming “Tiny” in the Museum in December 1991.  Photo: Bill Wright. (B116)

John Keohane Snr. on RM1872 ready to give the ‘right away’ ding during
a “Day out with Thomas” event. Date: cMay 2006  Photo: David Kelland

The SDR’s Routemaster RM1872 ready for duty at
Buckfastleigh.  Date: 17 April 2007  Photo: Gavin Bishop
Ain’t love grand? SDR 151 “Tiny” John T Keohane on RM1872 RM1872 at Buckfastleigh

If you are interested in any of the pictures above or can help us fill in the blanks such as date or photographer then please stating the picture description and location in the page (row and column).  Many thanks.

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