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BR Class 04 D2271 on shed at BuckfastleighPhoto © JBrodribb 2018
D2271, prepared for a repaint, basks in the summer sunshine at BuckfastleighPhoto © GBishop 2019

A quick history of D2271:

  • D2271 was new to 55B (Stourton, Leeds) 14th March 1958
  • Transferred to 55A (Leeds, Holbeck) April 1958
  • Transferred to 55D (Royston) May 1967 but not used.
  • Transferred again to 55F (Bradford Hammerton Street) and stored from 5th October 1969 being withdrawn 26th October 1969.
  • Sold to CF Booths for further use, and sent May 1970.
  • Moved to Thomas Hill, Kilnhurst July 1972 for restoration was meant to go to Midland Rly Centre, Butterley in September 1973 for preservation, but stored at Normanton Barracks until 10th May 1975 before moving to MRC Butterley.
  • 15th May 1982 it arrived at the WSR
  • Whilst at the WSR its engine was removed and rebuilt but this was put into another 04.   The engine from that 04 is now in D2271
  • Arrived on the South Devon Railway October 2018

It is worth noting that D2271 was at Royston the same time as the DDS Class “04” D2246 !

Diesel mechanical 0-6-0 shunter D2271 is being returned to active service at Buckfastleigh.
Work has, so far, included the building of a replacement air compressor from multiple broken units, the complete purging and cleaning of the fuel system and the remanufacture of many air pipes removed earlier in its life.
It has recently been rubbed down for a complete repaint.  The access panels were grit blasted in-house ready for repainting which is why they are missing in the photograph above.

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