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D7541 “The Diana” arrives at the SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY
D7541 “The Diana” arrives by roadPhoto © M. Mitchelmore 2011

South Devon Diesel Traction has sold its class "20" 20 118 “Saltburn by Sea” to HNRC Ltd and it is presently on the North Norfolk Railway for their diesel gala.
The reason for the sale is that a double cab locomotive is more suitable for the SDR and when D7541 became available it was too good an offer to let pass.

Peter Burrow of SDDT has said “While sad to see 20118 leave our fleet, we feel it is going to a good home and wish its new owners all the best for the future.”

D7541 isn't a runner at the moment but, based on previous projects such as 33 002 and 09 010, the expectation is that it will only take SDDT three years to remedy.

As a point of interest, and with the Cambrian gala over Easter 2011, D7541 or 25191 as it was then, was the last 25 in normal BR service to work over the Cambrian route back in 1987.

Class 25 (325 in class)
Type   2
Maker   British Rail at Derby, Darlington and Crewe also Beyer Peacock
Introduced from   1959
Original Numbers   D5151-5299,7500-7677
New numbers   25001-325
Engine   Sulzer 6LDA28-B
Engine bhp   1,250hp at 750rpm
Transmission   Four AEI 253AY nose suspended traction motors
Maximum current   2340 amps
Maximum tractive effort   45,000lb
Minimum curve   4½ chains
Route availability   RA5
Max speed on B.R.   75/90 mph
Driving wheel diameter   3ft 9in
Gear ratio   67:18
Fuel capacity   630 gal
Coolant water capacity   187 gals
Lubricating oil capacity   100 gals
Weight in working order   70-74 tons 

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