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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Living History Report
RM1872 at BuckfastleighPhoto ©Jkeohane 2012
RM1872 ‘lays over’ at Ashburton PeartreePhoto ©Jkeohane 2012
A group of visitors prepare to walk what remains of the track bed.Photo ©Jkeohane 2012
RM1872 collecting the walkers from Ashburton Bull RingPhoto ©Jkeohane 2012
3205 brings the 2012 brake van train into Buckfastleigh Station 50 years
on from the Plymouth Railway Circle event
Photo © GBishop 2012
The celebratory cakePhoto © GBishop 2012

Saturday 08th September 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the Plymouth Railway Circle’s brake van train following the total closure of the Ashburton Branch the previous day.

The day was marked with a “Living History” event which included a rerun of the brake van train together with the running of a rail replacement ‘bus service to allow passengers to complete the run to Ashburton.  Unfortunately emergency engineering works at Totnes precluded travel over the full length of the branch.

The reports from our visitors are that this has been a successful event.

The Trust’s former London Transport Routemaster RM1872 will be back out on the road for the Heritage Transport weekend 15th and 16th September 2012.

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