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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY Buys Plasser & Theurer 07 Tamper
Plasser & Theurer 07 tamper DR73274 on its way to Devon 09 August 2011Photo © SDR 2011
Plasser & Theurer 07 tamper DR73274 in the loop at Buckfastleigh 10 Aug 2011Photo © SDR 2011

The South Devon Railway has been successful in its bid to buy a “Mainline” tamper of a type similar to those we have rented in the recent past.

When the machine was last inspected by the SDR on Monday this week (08 August 2011) at the depot, it was in full working order and, all being well, we plan to put it to work next week on the Royal Mile and around Bulkamore as priority jobs using experienced contract operators.

This machine is almost identical to the one we have hired in for circa ten days for the last two years at quite high cost and, working with our Ro-Ro and PW gang, it is set to revolutionise how we deal with track maintenance, especially dipped joints and maintaining line and level etc.

Update: January 2013

It is hoped that the tamper can be hired out to other railways when not needed on the SDR.  To this end it has been painted in a psuedo heritage livery more in keeping with preserved railways.  The livery is based on the British Railways 1960’s two tone green used for diesel locomotives.  The limited corrosion was cut out and new metal welded in prior to the repaint.

Repainted Plasser & Theurer 07 tamper DR73274 in the loop at BuckfastleighPhoto © A.Mathews 2013

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