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SOUTH DEVON RAILWAY prepares for Santa 2013
Update: 08 December 2013 Update: 15 December 2013 Photo Caption Competition
“Fly me to the Moon” or should that be the “North Pole” ?Photo © J Brodribb 2013

In anticipation of the SDR Santa Specials here is a look at what happened in readiness...

A huge amount of work has been done by SDR volunteers to get Santa’s grotto ready, although this has not always been easy. Although the work itself started in earnest as soon as the last trains ran at the end of the October half-term, much had been done beforehand in buying and making decorations - and before you ask, this year's theme is penguins. Mick Stevens and Bill Parratt are seen working in BG276 (BG is the GWR code for Brake Grotto), while Sue Parratt and Carol Jones concentrate on getting the drapes and stars right. The Christmas tree is erected with the aid of the SDRE workshop crane - it goes up with the lights already attached. The presents all have to be wrapped, and this was again done in a single session on Monday 04 November - the day after half-term - with the Buckfastleigh station Group providing a magnificent barbecue for all those involved.

The first Santa specials of the year are organised by the Dartmoor Vale Rotary Club, who charter two trains on both the last Saturday and Sunday of November. The locomotive was L92, and crewed by driver Giles Gilbert and fireman Ernie Elsworth-Wilson; John Gigg was the guard.

Christmas always starts with puting up the tree... L.92 basks in the sun awaiting the road to the “North Pole”
Giles and Ernest
(shouldn’t that be Rudolph and Dasher ?)
The art of a good management is delegation
Dennis present wrapping for Santa
Mick Stevens and Bill Parratt prepare the Grotto Sue Parratt and Carol Jones prepare the drapes & stars
Photo © J Brodribb 2013

Update: 08th December 2013 – Santa inspects L.92
Santa inspects L.92 before it takes charge of his train Photo © Sarah Ann Harvey 2013

Update: 15th December 2013 – Santa’s train gets under way
It’s not just children who stand a wait for Santa....
Santa’s train arrives back at Staverton.. --and then it’s back to Totnes later in the day.
Photo © J Brodribb 2013

Fancy trying you hand at our caption competition ?

Please submit your entries to our Retail and Catering Manager, Graham Coates, at the Refreshment Rooms, Buckfastleigh Station.
The closing date was December 22nd December 2013 so Santa can choose the winner on 23rd December 2013 in the Refreshment Rooms at about 17.00 after the last train.

There was a footplate pass for the winning caption!

The winning entry was from Claire Toms: “Not too much smoke now, it's bad for my-elf! Ho ho ho said Santa”
So what do you think should be written here ????Photo © Sarah Ann Harvey 2013

Update: 25th December 2013 – All done for another year !
Santa with his train
A couple of “Elves” This is one of the best times to see the river Dart.
Photo © J Brodribb 2013

Well that’s it for another year. Santa has completed his duties on the Railway and many children have gone away happy.
Many thanks to all those involved and hopefully Santa will return to our metals next year.

In the mean time you can always visit the railway.
++++ Note ++++ Due to the recent inclement weather we regret that the Mince pie special services scheduled to run between the 26th December and the 01st January 2014 have been cancelled due to a landslip.

The are no trains after the 01st January until mid February to allow for winter maintenance.

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