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1950’s & 1960’s WEEKEND
5526 with auto
5526 with autotrainPhoto © Tim Symons 2011

Working Timetables

The basic outline is for a variety of trains representing the change-over period. Steam wise we have 5526 in 1950’s black, and 3205 in its 1960’s green. On the diesel front W55000 will no doubt prove as popular as ever and represents the diesel railcar services on many branch lines in year’s past. Sulzer Type 2 D7612 represents the early 60’s in its stylish two-tone green livery, whilst representing the end of the 60’s when BR corporate blue appeared across the national network is English Electric Type 1 8110.

Ther will be an auto train each morning, plus a number of runs with an engineers train (just to ring the changes from the normal goods consist). Hopefully the train will be made up of both Dogfish wagons (loaded), both grampus wagons, PW Mess Coach, Shark Brake Van and maybe a couple of other wagons

Trains services start from (Buckfastleigh) at 09.20 and from (Totnes) at 10.02 each day. The South Devon Railway will be running trains EVERY day until the end of October. The Expressway model railway shop has gifts for children of all ages and is open for business on most days.


Working Timetables for downloading and local printing.


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